Subject: Meals in Norway
Hi Gard,

welcome to the Zine from a fellow European !

And now, to the point. Two of my aunts are heading to the Nordkapp in early June. They are going in an organized trip, but meals are not included. We were talking the other day, and they were a bit afraid about the price of things. I told them that at lunch time they will probably be able to find set menus (as in Sweden), and that as long as they donīt decide to drink Rioja wine in every meal, they will be fine (this last part will be easy because they are teetotallers :)) ).

Could you help me out with some recommendations? I think that if the weather is fine, they should be able to enjoy some picnics (depending on their schedule), and Iīd love to tell them the name of some local specialities ...

Kind regards,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain