Subject: Re: info on hostelling and public transport
Hi Ziners,

Gail's given all the info on the hostels, all of which we agree with (we're 52 and 60, and are past dorms, except in emergencies, but are definitely fans of hostels, for all the reasons Gail gave). If you want to travel cheaply, by public transport, the other thing you need is a GOOD guidebook, with this sort of information. We've found the best to be the Lonely Planet guides (there are also Let's Go, Rough Guides, and Footprint), but Lonely Planet seems to give more detailed info and maps on transport, cheap accommodation and food, and the cheap way of doing things. The great advantage of this sort of travel is that you can then afford to travel for much longer. We've done a 10 month, a 9 month, and three 3 month trips in the last four years, spending not much more than we would if we'd stayed home.

Dianne in Sydney