Subject: Names on Train Tickets?
Good Morning Ziners, I have what I hope to be my last question regarding train travel (at least for a while!) I purchased two TGV tickets (Brussels to Tours) from the sncf website last week. I had to have them mailed to a European address so I sent them to my friend in Brussels who we will be staying with. The website asked for my credit card number and the address to mail the tickets to but never asked for my name. So, the tickets now have my friend's name printed on them (since her name was the one I had to provide with the mailing address). I can only assume that IDs are not checked to make sure they match the names on the tickets (as they do with airline travel). Could someone confirm that this is correct? If this is going to be a problem I'd rather try to correct it now than at 6:30 in the morning at the Brussels train station. Thanks so much! Jennie in Atlanta