Subject: Denali Park/ Alaska and Cancun
Hi there Ziners... Any input you might have on our pending trips would be appreciated.... We have tickets to use on Delta this year and are considering going to Alaska on one trip and possibly to Cancun on the other. Our plans are flexible and subject to change given input and personal suggestion. We plan to make each trip from 5 to 7 days. Our interests are generally independent (travelwise), down-home, natural, and scenic rather than touristy, fancy and plastic. We wonder if it is a good plon to drive or to take the train/bus in Alaska... take a package tour (to get into the farthest point in Denali???????? Or, are there other suggestions itinerary, lodging and eating-wise? In re to Cancun... We would be interested in whatever ruins there are in the area, any of the authentic Yucatan sights and so forth rather than the touristy beach scene. Are we making a good choice in thinking of going there given our interests? Also, has anyone ever been to Aguascalientes ralatively near to Guadalajara....thermal pools there???? Any ideas, special suggestions which you may offer are most appreciated... Thank you. Kathy and Joe in Lake Forest, CA