Subject: Disney cruise
Dear Ziners:

We are taking our first cruise coupled with sort of a family reunion. This is a seven day Disney leaving out of Cape Canaveral. We have recieved the booklet listing the shore excursions and wondered if anyone has special advice - good bad or indifferent about any of the choices. We are retired and will be traveling with families with children, but have not young of our own (they have grown up). Will the shore excursions be geared to young children (the brochure lists age appropriateness for each trip)? Our interest is in the Atlantis submarine adventure. What do you think? As far as snorkling and things of that nature will we find places on the island without doing a shore excursion through Disney? Does anyone know if there are any fishing excursions one can join on some of the islands? None offered by Disney, but we thought there might be something on the individual islands. Any advice on Disney cruises appreciated. Hope everyone is traveling or planning a trip or dreaming about a trip and enjoying every moment of any of the three.

Best regards, Barb in Grand Rapids