Subject: suggestion for Cinque Terre
Hello Felice,

In September 1999 we spent 5 nights in the wonderful village of Vernazza.

We walked from Vernazza to others village. The path from Vernazza to Monterosso is the most difficult, but Vernazza to Riomaggiore is very beautiful and not too difficult. We walked among olive-trees and vineyards.

So the pension in Vernazza was: Pensione Sorreso Via Gavino 4 (about 5 minutes from the train station) tel. (0187) 812224 fax (0187)821198 We paid 155,000 Lires for 2 people, Breakfast and supper included. It was very clean and the owners were a young couple

I finish with a comment of Jean-Claude Lauzon, a movie maker of Quebec in his movie Leolo L'Italie est trop belle pour la laisser aux Italiens seulement Italy is too beautiful for Italians only

N.B.Jean-Claude Lauzon died too young in a sea-plane accident

Bon Voyage Marc Hawey Quebec city