Subject: Planning for June vacation in the Dolomiti
Hello Ziners,

first of all, I want to thank Mei-Ching for her recommendation of a small hotel in Arles.

I am in the process of planning an unplanned vacation to the Dolomiti during the next month of June. The only thing we know is that we have holidays during two weeks in June. At the beginning we were thinking of driving in two days from Bilbao to someplace in the Dolomiti, but now we are thinking of taking everything a bit slower. So, more or less this is our beginning :

- Leaving home early in the morning of the Saturday 7th of June, and arriving into Arles or Aix-en-Provence

- Depending on the weather, drive the next day to Verona, but we have two routes. One of them is going into Italy, and near Genova, take the motorway up to Alessandria. The other one consists of driving up to Gap, Briançon, and cross the frontier via Sestrieres, going down to Torino and Milano. We have done both years ago, and my mum is not a big fan of the Genova option (she complains about the trucks and the tunnels), so we will see.

- Then we are thinking of staying for a couple of nights in Verona, and on Tuesday or Wednesday, we will go up into the mountains.

We won´t plan anything after this. Maybe booking a place for a couple of days in the Dolomiti, and nothing else. After this year, we are a bit afraid that there will still be snow in the walking paths (there is a lot of snow in the Pyrenees this year). I´d love to come up with an optional itinerary, just in case.

I´d love if any of the Ziners would give alternative ideas for that case, either North or South of the Dolomiti. We are packing swimming suits, so lakes and beaches are more than welcome. I was wondering if anyone had driven down to Split in Croatia (with their own car, I mean, there is a small difference between a rented card and our beloved Peugeot 307 :)) ). Also, Austria is a favourite of us, so recommendations for farmstays and so on will travel with my files.

And ... for the walkers among the Ziners (not a lot, but there are a few) ... if there isn´t so much snow, any favourite walking path? I am not a big fan of the vie ferrate, but maybe my mum and my sister would like to try one of them. We were thinking of doing a tour of the Lavaredo Dre Cime, going up to the Tofane, the Nuvolau and maybe some walk in the Sella and the Pordoi.

Kind regards,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain