Subject: Re: Iguazu Falls, Argentina + Brazil
Hi, Just to add to Cintia's post. Another comment on the Brazil visa. Yes, you 'should' get it. But if you don't you will probably be able to enter anyway. We went on a last minute deal and didn't have time to get a Visa.

We stayed on the Argentina side and were offered several taxi tours to the Brazil side. The taxi driver just waves at the border guards (I presume there's an arrangement).

However, our taxi broke down on the Brazil side, and we had visions of being stranded in a country we'd entered illegally. They just sent over another taxi to retrieve us, but not speaking the language fluently it certainly caused a couple of anxious hours.

And the helicopter ride over the Falls (only available on Brazil side) was amazing.

Perfect place for a honeymoon (even a second - or third or ....).

You'll have a great time,

Alan Gardner