Subject: Re: Alaska

Our trip to Alaska was simply fabulous. We travelled by land, air and water. Cruises West took us for almost a week along the coast from Seattle to Juneau. A small ship, 80 passengers. So it can go almost anywhere: when whales are seen they go alongside them, when bears are by the waterside, there the ship goes and the glaciers - they get so close the sound is deafening and almost scary! We saw every type of wild life, and even some magnificent bald eagles.

They stop at delightful towns and since it was early May there were no other tourist ships. It was a joy to walk up and down those towns. I think it was at Petersburg that my daughter and I took a helicopter ride over the glaciers. The helicopter landed on a little patch at the very top and we got out and walked on the ice. Unforgetable for the rest of our lives!!! We had told the pilot we would like to get some ice - a little piece. So... on the way back he went down again and landed on a beach, took a plastic bag and a tool and came back with an enormous piece of ice!!! We just wanted a couple of cubes!

We put that ice in the shower stall in our cabin, and it lasted forever. The last day we broke off a piece, put it in a container and brought it home!!! Glacier ice lasts tremendously more than any other ice - but of course it melted long before we got home.

I have been to very many places in this world, but that trip to Alaska is a very special one. By car we went to Anchorage which has its attractions, Fairbanks seems to be in the north of Africa, not Alaska. Roads were very good. But, Southeast Alaska is by far the most memorable.

Enjoy your trip - you are going to a fabulous land!

Susana São Paulo, Brazil