Subject: Re: Iguazu Falls, Argentina + Brazil
Hi Graziella,

You're going to be amazed at the Falls. I think they are one of, if not THE, most impressive natural wonders I've beheld. We stayed in town (Argentine side) at the Hosterķa Los Helechos on Calle Paulino Amarante. On the same street just a couple of doors down (closer to the main road into town) was a nice little restaurant whose name I've completely forgot. It was the only restaurant on this street as I remember. There is an inexpensive bus that runs between the Falls and town, about three bucks. But it may only run until the park closes (at night fall). So you may have to use a taxi to get back to the hotel.

For whatever reason we had no success in finding a taxi driver who would take us over to the Brazilian side without a visa. Perhaps border security was a little tighter, I have no idea. But you might want to get the visa just to be safe.

Cintia's recommendations were right on the money. Especially, the hike along the Macuco Trail to Arrechea Falls. Not a difficult hike at all. Lots of beautiful butterflies. And the Capuchin monkeys were enchanting. We even continued on down to the banks of the Iguazu River (not an easy hike) beyond the Pozon del Arrechea. On a little inlet of the river we saw tracks of either a jaguar or puma (according to their size and confirmation by a park ranger).

I'm sure you'll have a great time. Oh yeah, try and sit on the right side of the plane for the flight in.

John in San Diego