Subject: Re: London Apt/Hotel
Hey, Shirley...

The big railway stations in London have booths or shops that can find lodging in the area to your specifications. All you have to do is walk up and ask, and they will call around for availability and all. Last May we had made reservations via the Web for a room near Victoria Station, but when we got there found it was awful. We went to one of the lodging booths in the station and got another room which satisfied us much more. So they shouldn't panic about getting a room.

But I do have to warn that most Americans will be shocked by what $80 gets them in London, especially when compared to what $40 can get them here at someplace like a Motel 6.

When booking be sure to find out what the free breakfast is like. Our first hotel just dropped off a fruit basket outside the door, while the second had a pleasant breakfast room and a full breakfast of eggs, toast, ham, beans, etc. Although it did get a bit boring after a couple of days, especially the beans.

In-room bathrooms (called en suite) have become common. But it frequently means that a prefab fiberglass unit holding a sink, toilet and shower has been placed in a corner of the room. They're quite small and can be a bit of a challenge to shower in, but they work. Our room near Victoria Station was like this, but the old in the hall bathrooms were still there, and actually rather nicer than the in-room unit.

Our hotels, the bad and the not-so-bad, were old row-house residences that had been converted into hotels. This can be rather quaint. Ebury Street, near Victoria Station, was lined with these small hotels. Ours was Eaton House, and I can luke-warmedly recommend it. A short walk from Victoria Station and its Underground station, as well as a central point for buses. There's a nice business district around Victoria Station.

Regards, DAVE HATUNEN Tucson Arizona, out where the cacti grow