Subject: Re: London hotel suggestion
Hi Shirley and Ziners,

On a tip from another Zine member, we tried for our London room and did very well. They have a wide range of room prices and we have now used this booking agent and discounter twice with satisfactory results.

It is true that one doesn't get much for one's money in London hotels. It is my belief that I did better by booking through than I could have done for myself.

Oh, I almost forgot . Keeping in mind that you can't change your mind once your bid is accepted, Priceline is wonderful for hotels. I am sure you can get more for your $80.00 through them than any other place. Andrew of the Zine tipped me to which provides good hints for using Priceline.

Ebay has some good deals on London rooms, now, also.

Good luck, Debbie in Pittsburgh