Subject: Re: Planning for June vacation in the Dolomiti

When people talk about the Dolomites they are often referring to the area around Cortina/Val di Fassa.

But there is another range of mountains - The Brenta Dolomites. They are both spectacular in different ways. The Cortina Dolomites are very accessible by car. You can drive right through them and there are some brilliant cable cars while the Brenta Dolomites are a little more elusive. You really need to get your boots on to see them in their glory. As a hiker I prefer them but I could be biased as my father is from there! Not that I don't like the Cortina area . It depends on my mood!.

Brenta Dolomites

This is my father's area. It's not as flash as Madonna di Campiglio but will be cheaper

The Brenta Dolomites are nearer to Lake Garda You can stay here and visit for the lake the day. Sirmione is pretty but very touristy. It may be quiet in June. And the lake is cold! Malcesine is worth visiting as yu can take a cable car up to Monte Baldo. Spectacular views of the lake. Take warm clothing no matter what the weather is by the lake as it get very chilly.

All paths in the Dolomites are well marked and graded. Ask at any tourist office for info about access, though I imagine only the highest paths will be snowy in June. The Kompass maps , available in all local bookshops and newsagents, are very good, almost essential.

If you fancy trying the Vie Ferrate check at the Tourist Offices for guided tours. I've never done one # my husband is scared of height # but they are spectacular and a few are not too demanding as long as you fit and have a head for heights. A few take 2 to 3 days to complete. There are some wonderful safe walks too! The site should have all the links.

Buon viaggio!

Linda, Reading, UK