Subject: Re: Alaska
Hi, Mei-Ching:

We went to Alaska in 1996, so I hope that the data I have is still valid.

Company: Alaska Sightseeing/Cruise West 4th. & Battery Building, Suite 700 Seattle, WA 98121 Phone: 206 441 8687 Fax: 206 441 4757

This company is called Small Ship Cruising. Ours was the Spirit of Discovery which takes up to 84 passengers. We went in the Spring, May 4th., which was their first trip of the year. Even so, the ship was full.

Our cabin was very nice with quite a large window facing towards the sea. We took a medium sized suitcase and a small one, left all our luggage at our hotel in Seattle. This turned out great because the storage space in the cabin was not very large.

Everything about this trip was perfect: the staff, the wildlife, the glaciers, the Canadian Mounted Police Officer who arrived in the smallest canoe for the glacier part, and the passengers. The nicest group of people. There is one thing: it was impossible to eat all the food they serve at all hours! And it was very good, too.

Do go - it is a marvelous experience.

I must tell, you live in my favourite part of the world: Boston and the whole of Massachusetts.

Best regards, Susana São Paulo, Brasil