Subject: Re: Planning for June vacation in the Dolomiti
Hello Covadonga,

We hiked several of the areas you mention in September. This is a spectacular area. We were based for 3 nights in Lake Misurina and 3 nights in Colfosco. Tre Cime Di Lavaredo is a great hike that is not too difficult but it is high in elevation. If you hike to Rifugio Locatelli, you will be at 2405m. I'm not certain it will be open in June. We also hiked to Rifugio Fonda Savio on the Sentiero Bonacossa. That will be via ferrate and you should not be afraid of hights. Here's a tip, take leather palm gloves such as biking gloves for the cables. I also hiked to Lago di Sorapiss which is lower and might be accessable in June.

You should take the public bus from Misurina. The road to Rifugio Auronzo has limited access and a heavy toll. Buses are easy to catch at Lake Misurina.

I also hiked in the Puez area. We hiked from Passo Gardena to Colfosco over Passo Cir and Passo Crespeina . I liked this area a lot also. It is more green than the area around Misurina.

In the Sella area, I took the lift from Passo Pordoi and hiked to Rifugio Boe. This is very easy but very high in elevation. The top of the lift is 2950m and Rifugio Boe is at 2871m. My husband did the Sella Traverse from Passo Gardeno to Rifugio Pisciadu and met me at Rifugio Boe. That trail is very steep and is also via ferrate.

We stayed at Lake Misurina Hotel and in Colfosco at Hotel Cappella. I highly recommend Hotel Cappella. It is a 4+ star hotel complete with jazzuci bathtubs which were so nice after hiking. It also has a great collection of art.

We also stayed some time in Bressanonne which was a charming town. I enjoyed it. If we go back, we would like to see the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. It is in Merano.

I've also hiked in Parc Mercantour in the French Maritime Alps. I've been in this area twice in June and it has been wonderful. From Nice, we drove up over Col de la Bonette to the town of Barcelonnette. In mid-June it was very quite and several of the restaurants were closed for the week taking their holiday before the summer. We stayed at L'Azteca. We did a lot of driving trips including a trip to Col de La Cayolle and Col D'Allos. I loved the flowers in the high meadows. Lots of orchids and alpenrose. Note: The drive from Nice to Barcelonnette is very windy and took us about 5 hours. The weather started sunny but we had hail and a rainstorm at the Col de la Bonette.

I did more hiking my second trip to Parc Mercantour. I stayed in St Martin Vesubie. I hiked up the Col De Fenestre and Lac de Fenestre. I also did a second hike to Lac des Prals in the same area. Lac Negre is very nice and a little more difficult.

You may want to research the Rifugios that area long the trails that you are interested in. You can often find out when they normally open in the summer. For example Fonda Savio typically opens on 1 July.

The only other area to look at might be the area around Santa Cristina in the Dolomiti area. It might be lower in elevation and open earlier.

Next year we will be hiking in your region, the Pyrenees.


- Marta