Subject: Re: July trip to Italy and perhaps France - 3 adults
Hello to all Ziners.

I am also going to Italy this summer. I would rather go in the less busy season but my job dictates that I can't. Yes, it will be hot. Yes, it will be crowded. And, yes, if you follow advice from a good guidebooks and from people on this site you can survive.

Do you have your flight tickets? I noticed the other day that my flight has only one (1) coach seat left. The price is $1425. It is a middle seat in the very last row. Yuk!

Of course, airline seating and prices change by the minute, but do get your tickets soon as it seems that the airlines have countered reduced tourism with reduce capacity. Good business for them, more crowded for us. Hopefully, a few will manage to stay in business. :)

Paul Near Seattle.