Subject: Re: Major Airline service in Seattle
Hi Raul and Ziners,

The Pacific NW is the most difficult corner of the nation to be in and desire global flights. As you mentioned, Seattle is Alaska Airline's (AS) primary hub and as far as non-stop flights AS is going to have more than any other carrier. With regard to global flights, get used to the idea of connecting - via LAX, NRT (Tokyo) or along the East coast (or Chicago or Minneapolis) depending on your final destination.

If you're trying to tie in with a primary carrier for Elite status or reward points/miles then I would recommend calling the reward department at AS and ask what OTHER airlines' points can you accrue when you fly on AS or vice versa. For example, later this year you'll be able to choose which reward program you like best out of Delta, Northwest or Continental and then you can earn points and elite status toward that single program. The reward points/miles and elite status you acquire will then be able to be used on ANY and all combinations of the three carriers. I know, for example, if you were to join AS reward program and travel on Continental you could then accrue points/miles on AS. Check with AS and see what they say.

If you have any further questions just let me know.

Gregory in humid Houston

Disclaimer - I'm a happy supervisor for Continental in reservations and readily admit to possible bias 8^)