Subject: Help with PA accommodations
Hello Ziners; Knowing that several Ziners are from, or have travelled throughout Pennsylvania, I am soliciting expert advice here. This summer will be our 40th anniversary, and we plan to do a special trip in the fall, but are hoping to do a short driving getaway on our anniversary weekend in July.

Our original thought was a 'memory lane' meander through the Finger Lakes plus the northern area of PA. Seems the wine festival is on at Watkin's Glen that weekend so scratch the Finger Lakes portion -- accommodations are already getting scarce. Plan B -- northern PA for 4/5 days. I've looked and looked at inns/hotels in the Poconos, and in the corridor from Wilkes-Barre to Philly but the choices are mind boggling and everything looks so enticing on those glossy websites. I'm hoping some ziners have favourites to recommend and won't mind sharing their secret romantic getaways. Still optimistic after 40 years!!

We'd prefer something scenic, with small town ambience but not frightfully expensive as we're using that Canuck play money! We're open to any type of lodging except shared bath B & Bs. So, country inns/small hotels/resorts in northern PA -- any favourites to suggest?

Anne Burlington ON