Subject: Locked luggage and cable ties - redux
Hey all,

I know this subject was closed a couple of months ago but I just wanted to pass on an experience we had a couple of weeks ago at the luggage check-in counter at San Francisco airport:

After reading prior suggestions about using cable ties instead of locks for checked-in luggage I decided to try it this trip, but when we got to the counter the lady told us that we had to remove the tie before she'd accept our luggage. Luckily, my wife had a small pair of nail-cutting scissors that she had forgotten was in her carry-on (I've always thought she was a scoff-law), because the rather surly agent said she had nothing to cut it with and we'd have to figure it out and get back in line again. If we hadn't been able to cut the tie then, we'd have had to find a place to buy scissors and have another long wait in line. As it turned out, after the agent tagged our bag, we had to carry it ourselves to the x-ray machine, after which they let us lock our bag. (Letting us touch our bag after x- ray was a probably security violation.)

So I repeat suggestions made by others # either get used to having unlocked luggage or use a cable tie and hope you don't get busted (in which case carry nail clippers to cut the ties.)

Al Sonoma, CA, USA