Subject: Re: Massachusetts
Hi, Mei-Ching.

It is yes to both your questions. I lived in Boston for many years when I went to school at M.I.T. where I graduated as an Architect, and then I went to Harvard. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! those were marvelous years!!!!

Actually I go to Boston (and New England) whenever I can, which happily has been many times. Massachusetts - I have been up and down and across, several times. I love it!!!

Last time was in July when I was coming back after two months in Spain. Part of the time I was in Lenox, for the Tanglewood concerts. It was Seiji Ozawa's last season with the Boston Symphony so I could not miss it. The concerts were simply magnificent!!! And the Berkshires were beautiful.

Where in MA do you live? Maybe next time I go we can have a GTG?!!! I'm not planning on going this year because I am going to be a Grandmother in September. Quite a voyage!!! But next year I will certainly try to be in Boston. Regards, Susana São Paulo, Brasil