Subject: Re: Brasil
Hi Sylvie,

Do come to Brasil!!! You will love it!!!! It is a fabulous country with so many different regions. São Paulo city's pace is quite like New York's, Rio de janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the Northeast coast is quite like the Caribbean Islands, then there are the mountains, the beaches, the jungle, etc. etc etc.

If you have 3 weeks you better decide what type of trip you want, because Brasil is huge and you will only see a very tiny fraction of it in that time. We have lived here for almost 29 years, travelled the country quite a bit, but there are still so very many marvelous places that neither me nor my children have yet seen!

There is a very good guide book for Brasil that is called Guía Quatro Rodas. They publish a new edition every year. Do you read Portuguese? If you do just send me your address and I will airmail the 2003 edition to you. That way you could have a better idea of where you would like to go.

Any help I can give you, feel more than free to ask.

Regards, Susana São Paulo, Brasil