Subject: Re: Major Airline service in Seattle

Thanks for the information on how the airlines are allowing people to combine points and miles. I recently traveled to Texas on AA and had the points awarded to my Alaska account. However, there is a difference. In order to reach 'elite' status Alaska requires 15,000 Alaska Air miles or 25,000 partner miles. Of course, since many of Alaska's partners fly farther than Alaska that may not be a huge problem.

My area of concern is simply this. For the last 10+ years I have vacationed mostly in the western USA where I was able to fly Alaska Air very often. Alaska does a great job and they are the BEST (IMHO) airline for flying about the western half of the USA. However, my vacation interests have now expanded to the remaining USA, Canada, Europe and, to be complete, the rest of the globe. (I refinanced the house!) Thus, miles on Alaska will not be as useful as miles on a carrier such as American or Continental.

Thus, I am looking for a good carrier who flys out of Seattle and with which I can build up milage to earn the occasional first class upgrade, and, dare I hope, 'Elite' status. :)

Best wishes Raul About in Seattle