Subject: Re: Major Airline service in Seattle
Hi Raul and Ziners,

It sounds like you're going to need to do some research into other airlines (OA) frequent flyer programs and choose for yourself so that you have peace about it all. If Alaska Airlines (AS) will let you use their miles to upgrade on American (AA) or another carrier of your choice then great. If not then you may want to research OA's program that will also allow you to earn points with them when you do fly AS for non-stop flights within the USA. For global flights, ALL the major carriers have nonstop service from SEA to their hub and then you can go non-stop from there to almost anywhere you desire.

IMHO if you're going to the orient I'd recommend flying Northwest (formerly named Northwest ORIENT). If you're going to Europe, Mexico or South America I'd recommend Continental because they can fly you to more of those destinations with one stop than ANY other single airline. Something else to consider when you do your research, there is something called the Freddie Awards which is basically the Academy Awards of airline frequent flyer programs. Fact, Continental has won more Freddies than any other airline in the history of the Freddies, including repeat awards for Best Overall Program.

One more important piece of advice. When talking to ANY airline reservations employee about something long term as what you're considering (or even short-term), always call right back and verify everything you were just told with another employee. Airline reservations employees have to know so many things about so many things, that are CONSTANTLY changing, that they'll THINK they're telling you the truth, when actually they're not, so - DOUBLE check all your information!

I wish my best on your research on your decision. Congratulations on the re-financing of the house. 8^)

Gregory - enjoying 148 non-stop destinations from Houston

Disclaimer - I admit to being a devout follower of Gordon Bethune, CEO of Continental Airlines, and therefore possible bias may be present.