Subject: Re: CDW Insurance Options- using Travel Guard
Jennie - hi We used Travel Guard last year and probably would again - to, as you put it, remove the hassle We were covered for our windshild w/ Visa (a pebble hit the windshield and bled - We had to have it replaced.0 Euopcar deducted the amount of the windshield cost from our Visa and Travel Guard paid for it in full. All we had to do was supply them with documentation and our credit card receipt. We took pictures of the windshield and since there was no police report or other government documentation necessary, the pictures along with our letter and Visa receipt was sufficient. They were courteous, prompt and they followed through.

Visa would have covered the windshield, but it is a hassle (We've been this route before - It takes forever - as it's difficult to get the documentation required from France. (or maybe from other countries???)

Years ago when we had a minor accident, Visa did reimburse us, but it took almost a whole year.

I hope this helps. Susie Newton, MA