Subject: Re: Major Airline service in Seattle
Hi Raul,

One of the issues with flying internationally from Seattle is that many of the flights are not direct. Personally, I prefer to fly carriers which have the shortest flight or direct flights. To Europe from Seattle, your choices are, Northwest to Amsterdam, British to London and SAS to Copenhagen. Flying with any other carrier, you will have to change planes or stop at some other city.

I have decided to use Alaska for frequent flier miles. Why, because they are partners in air miles with Northwest and British. Going South, they are partners with both American and Continental. Going east, again Northwest Orient is a partner. Going to Oceania, Quantas is a partner. To me, Alaska Frequent Flier plan gives me the most options to collect miles and easiest international flights. Also, they give you great ways to get extra miles on your west coast flights with their web options.

If I didn't use Alaska, my other choice would be Northwest or United. I think those carriers are the largest major carriers out of Seattle. I think the only area that isn't covered well by the Alaska partners is the Southern US.

- Marta