Subject: Rental Car Insurance - Was Re: CDW Insurance Options
Hello Ziners,

Please learn from my (stupid) mistake!

When renting a car for personal use I enjoy the peace of mind of always getting FULL coverage. A few years ago I totaled a full size SUV (no fault of my own and no one hurt). Everything was fine and I even called the following morning to verify that the rental car company's computer showed that I was fully covered.

Here's the stupid part - I then later threw away my proof of coverage and all receipts! It wasn't until six months later that I received a bill for over $9,000.00 in damages to the rental car. Months of back and forth hassle and time spent would have been alleviated had I simply saved my receipts and proof.

Sometimes being an anti-pack-rat can backfire so, once again, learn from my mistake.

Gregory - in, the pick-up truck capital of the world, Houston