Subject: Re: Where to dump rental car in Florence
Hi, Paul:

I've dropped cars both at the airport & downtown Florence. Actually, when you're coming up from the south, it's almost easier to go downtown than to go the airport, which is north of town.

It also may depend on your car hire firm's rules.

If you can orchestrate your drop time for downtown, for example early in the morning, Sunday, or after 6pm, it may be less frenetic. Most of the car hire offices are within a few blocks of the train station & there are one-way streets in that area.

Neither airport nor downtown locations have extended hours, but you can make arrangements to leave the car & drop the keys.

An alternate is to drop the car outside of Florence, say Siena, & come in by train, but Siena's car hire depots are even more tricky to find than Florence's! The same would apply to Arezzo or Pisa, which car hire firms tend to think of as near Florence as well.

Gail In Eugene