Subject: Re: London Apt/Hotel
Hi Ziners:

We just returned from a quick trip to London (May 5). The exchange rate is really bad for the US dollar and you will probably find that getting a room with a bathroom for $80 US will be tough. We stayed at the Vicarage Private Hotel, a nice B & B in Kensington. Good beds, we did share a bath, but it was fine, never really saw the other people in the hall and it provided a great breakfast for $78 GBP a night, which translates to $125 (about) US. We were really happy with the place, took the bus and trains and it is in a great location. The can be found in the Let's Go travel guide, Frommer's travel guide and their email is reception phone 020 7229 4030 web site is Hope this helps. London is quite expensive.

Lynne Padilla Gig Harbor, Wa