Subject: Best Airline for Seattle Area - My conclusions
Hello Ziners,

As you know a week ago I asked people for their opinions on the best airline to fly out of Seattle when flying to many different cities in North America, Europe and Asia. I have used your information to check a number of airlines. For what it is worth, these are my conclusions:

1. Seattle is NOT a good city to reside in if one wants the most number of flights with the least number of connections and stops.

2. Even large airlines like American Continental, etc. have a limited number of destinations that one can fly directly to.

3. Most of the time you must travel to a hub city. See #2.

4. Travel partners help, but one can't carry over many of the perks of being a high milage flyer, which I think I will be. ;)

5. Therefore, choose a airline based upon another criteria, such as its milage program, previous experience, etc.

I settled on AA because they offer a bit more room in coach. However, should they displease me, or another airline offer better reasons to fly them, I would change.

Raul In the Greater Seattle corner of North America