Subject: Re: adventure travel advice needed
Hi Pamela, What constitutes adventure in your books? If it means country, hiking, etc. I'd recommend going to Ottawa and booking a tour for whitewater rafting. A reputable travel agent will have information on this. It's quite an experience for all ages. With all of the snow in Canada this past winter and our recent spring rains, the water level will be high and be a perfect adventure.

If you do decide on Ottawa, Montreal is only two hours away and you will both enjoy a stay there.

However, if you want city adventure, read on. On Easter Weekend, my 17 year old nephew visited us in Toronto and he had a great time (along with his 12 and 14 year old brothers). We spent way too much time (for this jaded auntie who lives here) in the CN Tower, marvelling at the engineering feat of the structure. He sashayed down Yonge Street (our main thoroughfare and the longest street in Canada) about 10 metres ahead of the adults, admiring the scenery (girls) and later stopped by MuchMusic (the Canadian MTV) and generally had a great time. Toronto has much to offer the adult and the almost adult. Lucy (in Toronto where Spring has finally arrived)