Subject: New Orleans
Hi Ziners!

We've booked an extended weekend getaway in New Orleans, for four nights, commencing May 31. We're very pleased with the location of our hotel,(the Omni)in the heart of the French Quarter. It's been 18 months since we first travelled to the city, and any recommendations for favourite restaurants would be appreciated. It would be interesting to take a cab ride to a *less* frequented part of the city as well as dine in the Quarter. I recall several Sunday jazz brunches being advertised, and think it would be a pleasant way to pass our first afternoon in the city. We're also hoping to rent a car and strike out into the country for at least one day. If you were visiting just one plantation house, which would it be? Do you have any favourite drives? Perhaps a restaurant some distance from the city to stop at? Any attractions for this time frame in particular? Or sights that you love that just don't seem to make it into the guide books? Thanks in advance for any tips that you may offer.

Regards, Alan Luke