Subject: Re: Getting your way with airlines
Hello Gregory,

Related to this topic, and after reading all the excellent advice you have been giving, I have a question that you or another Ziner may be able to answer.

This is the situation: Flight tickets for a trip involving two airlines are bought through an online agent. Airline 1 cancels flight due to bad weather. We are protected on their next flight, but will miss flight on Airline 2. Call to online agent results in their changing our reservation on Airline 2 to next day. Arrive at check-in at Airline 2 and we are charged for a new ticket which is almost as much as the price we paid for the original return flight. Call to online agent when we return from trip results in their advising us that Airline 1 is responsible and we must contact them for a refund. We have contacted both Airline 1 and Airline 2. A month and a half later, still waiting for response.

Now my question: Do we deserve a refund and, if so, who from: Online agent, Airline 1 or Airline 2 ?

Thanks, Dolores St. John's, Newfoundland