Subject: Re: Getting your way with airlines
Hi, Dolores:

The most important part of solving this problem is the actual ticket issuance. Did AL1 issue one ticket & AL2 a completely separate ticket?

If so, AL1 has no responsibility to you whatsoever for missing your flight on AL2. An airline ticket is a contract between you & the carrier on the physical ticket only, not for any other arrangements, including a ticket on another carrier.

Also, weather-related cancellations don't have the same customer service guarantees as do other cancellations which fall under Rule 240 that Greg has discussed. So, even if all the flights were on one ticket, it still would be difficult to get money from either airline as weather-related problems are exempt from consumer protections. I don't believe that rules for Canada are any different in this regard than US rules.

That said, sometimes airlines will make a customer service decision & give you what you want even tho it really isn't their fault.This is especially true if you're a high-profile traveler for the airlines involved.

The online agency has some responsibility here too, as it sounds as if you weren't advised of the financial consequence of your reaccommodation on AL2 on the next day. They certainly could have done a much better job for you.

I think you'll need to be pretty diligent in following up in order to get any response from either AL1 or AL2. They really don't want to deal with this stuff. I'd certainly go back to the online agency. You need a supervisor who may be able to get some kind of voucher from AL2 for the amount you were (I believe) overcharged.

Gail In Eugene