Subject: Holiday in Eastern Alps and Dalmatia
Hello Ziners

I apologize for not responding in due time to Cova's questions about hiking east of Dolomites and a possible trip down the coast to Split, Croatia. Now, here's it.

The Eastern Alps (Alpi Carniche e Alpi Giulie) have great hiking opportunities. The most favoured area is on the border with Slovenia (the main town there is Tarvisio), while across the border line there's the natural park of Triglav mountain, not far from Bled lake area. Going south, our high ground (Carso in Italian, Kras in Slovenian) which starts at Trieste and ends at Postojna has also very scenic routes, but it's mostly hills except for the big Mount Nanos. And now, for the southern part: Split is about 600 km south of here. Add that to the 150 km of motorway dividing Trieste from Venice and you see the distance is impressive. Also, there's no motorway, freeway or expressway: just a standard two lanes road following the coastline on endless turns and rises and subsequent descents. The scenery is impressive, with the blue sea at your right and the high bare mountains at your left. You can drive for an hour without crossing any village and sometimes without even meeting any human being. Said that, I must warn you it isn't a pleasure ride, with lot of trucks and few overtake opportunities. Last time I did it on motorcycle, 15 years ago, but I've been told very little has changed since then. The positive note is you find plenty of private rooms to rent (check for sobe/zimmer signs) and family restaurants (gostiona/gostionica in Croatian). As for languages, German and Italian were always fine and I guess the new generations are English-proficient too. just for information, there's a way to avoid the long drive by taking a ferry from Rijeka (80 km south of Trieste) to Split. I think you depart in the evening and arrive in the morning.

Bye, Paolo Trieste, Italy