Subject: Re: Dining in Houston
Whoa Nelly!

Houston AND Food!? Why, that's right up my alley!

It would help us both if you became as specific as possible as to:

1. The area of Houston you'll be in. 2. The type(s) of food you like or want to try.

For example Houston is SO spread out that I could name a restaurant and it could easily be a 50 mile round-trip for you without even leaving the city!

Do you like, or want to try:

BarBQ Cajun Mexican Thai Sushi Brazillian Continental Southern Upscale $$$$ Mom n Pop hole in the wall $ Seafood etc.? and that's just for starters!

Houston is literally THE restaurant per capita of the world - you name it and we've probably got it, from mud bugs to mole'!

Gregory (you guessed it) in Houston