Subject: Re: Alaska
Hello, Kathy,

When one travels in Alaska the main colors are white, blue and green. That is what we had been immersed in for almost 2 weeks. Then we arrived in Fairbanks, and even before arriving, the colors changed to beige and red! The area is dry, very few trees, absolutely no snow at the time we were there. It was quite a shock!!! That's why it made me think of the Sahara Desert.

The driving was just right. Roads were very good and very well signaled. No problem whatsoever. Of course we drove long distances without seeing anybody. And signs to the North Pole kept popping up!

Our cruise was really wonderful. From what I saw in the site Linda indicated, they do not have that cruise anymore. Ours left from Seattle, stopped at many towns, glaciers, etc. and ended up in Juneau. Now it seems two cruises have taken the place of that one.

Alaska is very much worth the trip to get there - it is really beautiful. Enjoy it when you go!!! Enjoy it when you go!!!

Susana Sao Paulo, Brasil