Subject: Re: Australian Motorcar Rental
Dear Don and Sue,

You can of course book rental cars for Australia direct on the web. Earlier this year we booked through Budget ( but Hertz and Avis also have web sites where you can book.

With Budget a full size car, eg Ford Falcoln, will cost $Aust 1705 for 31 days - ie at today's exchange rate: (abt .65) $US 1108 for the month. I would add a significant warning that you then get the opportunity to upgrade insurance at quite a significant additional cost. I was a little disappointed with how significant this extra cost was when dealing with Budget.

Hertz will rent a car (Ford Falcoln equivalent) for $Aust 1290 per month = $US 838.50 approx. On the next screen they then add that approx fees and charges may take the monthly rental to $1764.69 ($US1150). You may well negotiate a better rate if you have any links to any partners etc.

Regards Anne