Subject: Re: luggage lockers in Venice airport
Maria... There is a brand-new terminal at Marco Polo airport (Venezia). I could not find for sure if there is a deposito bagagli (That is what you should ask for) in the terminal but the chances are very good that there is one. For sure there is one at Piazzale Roma - we have used it often. So you have choices: If you can leave your bags at Marco Polo, just hire a water taxi to go to San Marco. With 6 people it will cost you $60 to get there on the Alilaguna service water bus - and it takes a frustrating 1 hr and 5 min. to get to San Marco. It also runs only every hour so you can really wast a lot of time. The taxi will cost you about $90 and is a glorous way to enter the city. From the new terminal there is a free shuttle bus to the taxi dock.

Another very good option - and maybe the one I would choose - especially if there is no bagage check in the new terminal. Take the ACTVO bus (a land bus) to Piazzale Roma. It is a shuttle running every 20 min. There you can check your bags at the deposito. This bus is 3 euro. From there take the regular water taxi Number 1 down the Grand Canal to Piaza San Marco. This is one of the most beautiful and informative bus rides anywhere in the world. It takes about 40 min. When you are ready to leave, just take the same ride back.

Here are some resources: A detail map of Piazzale Roma showing the location of the deposito bagagli: From this home page, click on maps n the left and then on Piazzale Roma in the middle. You can also see the location of the boat docks.

Timetable for the ACTVO shuttle bus to/from the airport and Piazzale Roma. & id=0

New Marco Polo Airport site:

Enjoy Venice...