Subject: Re: carrying money & passports
Hello Fellow Travelers:

Several travel clothing purveyors sell clothing, e.g., trousers, blazers, etc., for both men and women that have zippered pockets inside what appear to be ordinary pockets. I have a couple of pairs of the trousers with the zippered pockets and I have always felt both my passport and my cash in it were secure. For a few years I had a travel blazer by one company that advertises a large number of zippered pockets for passports, wallets, plane tickets, etc. but the darn thing had so many pockets that I kept losing things in it. (I also have one of those vests with a gazillion pockets, but I gave it up after I had to stop one day in Florence, take it off and go through what felt like several hundred pockets to find something that I had just asked Jan if she knew where it was. I almost had to hire a pickpocket to find the item.)

Tom in Carlisle.