Subject: Re: carrying money & passports
Hi Ziners,

I had never used a money belt before in my travels (UK, USA, NZ, Aus) but set about wearing it in Europe on the Rick Steves tour I went on as they gave you one and recommended you wear it. My passport comes in a thin plastic slip-in wallet so after getting used to having this block of cardboard in front of my mid-riff, I did then have an awareness on hot days that it was a bit sweaty around my middle.

I only started using it in Italy where we were advised the highest likelihood of being pocket-picked existed. In all other countries I just had my purse nad passport in my backpack/knapsack. So in Italy I ended up having in my money belt my passport, and then when I withdrew 500,000L because we had 8 days in Italy I carried the excess L in the money belt. I did not use a handbag - I had a very small backpack. And in trains and crowded places I always wore it in front of me kind of baby-carrying-pouch style.

If I stacked the money belt so inside it was the passport closest to my skin then the notes, the notes were never damaged by moisture. And those money belts rinse very easily and dry very quickly if you like to wash them.

Our tour guide also stated at the outset what we had always taken for granted but I'd never seen stated in black and white - the money belt goes *inside* the clothes :) We saw a number of tourists wearing them over their jeans like a bum bag/fanny pack (or whatever your local jargon is!).

It was only mild discomfort on only the hottest days and the peace of mind was worth it.

Out of interest then - if the pouch is designed to be worn on a belt loop, like some camera bags for instance, does that mean it is visible on the outside of your clothes? :) Megan Brisbane, Australia