Subject: Re: carrying money & passports
Hi Ziners, Having a photocopy of my passport bailed me nicely out of a verrrry sticky situation when, standing in line at passport control at Toronto Pearson I realized I'd left my passport on the plane. A U.S. citizen, in the plane and just after landing, I had shuffled my jacket and sweater around, and moved my passport out of safekeeping onto the seat--and then LEFT it there. (My friend Ross can tell you a story about what happened to HIM when boarding a flight in the States, his rollaboard containing all his ID, etc., got separated from him, was stowed in the plane hold, and thus was inaccessible to him when he landed--also at Pearson. All the corny things you've seen in movies when detectives question a suspect, he experienced. His U.S. driver's license was deemed sufficient accord admittance.) But in my case, it was *2* hours before the Air Canada Lost and Found office opened and the plane cleaners found and returned my passport--as I felt very confident they would. But during that time I was allowed to wander freely around Pearson instead of being held captive somewhere---and all because I had a PHOTOCOPY of my passport in my handluggage and could present it to passport control. Traveling with (a) photocopy(ies) of (an)important document(s) is such a simple solution to what could otherwise be a nightmare.

Dan Cutcher