Subject: Re: carrying money & passports
Hi Dan,

Good point. I always carry a photo copy of my passport as well as photocopies of our airline tickets (ALL pages) and keep them in a place that is seperate from the original.

Additionally, I only carry my passport when I'm traveling to and from the destination. Once there, I keep those documents locked in the room safe and carry a photo copy of my passport with me.

Before leaving home, we write up a list of all our credit card account numbers as well as the 800 emergency numbers of the banking institutions. We keep a copy with us and one at home in a visible place in case we have to have a friend go to our home and find it for us. Once we're in our destination, we only take two credit cards with us for the day and leave the others in the hotel, so just in case we get robbed, we still have another one back in the room.

As far as how we physically carry our things about - pouch, belt, inside clothes, outside clothes, etc. I let the destination itself be the guide.....both by activity and the level of crime in the destination itself. For example, I'm much more cautious in Rome than I am in Sydney. If I'm going to be shopping alot I know I'll need something that allows constant and easy access. If I'm on a hike, it can be more hidden. Museums and temples would require small denominations of money to be easily accessed but probably not credit cards.

These little travel items are not very expensive and it's handy to have a small assortment to meet the needs of your day.

Candice NYC