Subject: Re: Zine Where to wake up?
Dear Gail and other Ziners:

I am reminded of that old saw that asks What would you like to hear said at your funeral? The winning answer was, He's alive!

Presuming that I am still alive, I would prefer waking anywhere where the flavors of fresh baked bread, the morning coffee and the waking of the flora waft across one's nose as the dawn breaks and in a place where I could simple absorb those flavors, read a newspaper that contained nothing but good news, feed a hummingbird, stay in my robe and walk the sand of an endless beach.

Okay, let us narrow it down. On a barge on the Canal du Midi after a morning run and a visit to a boulangerie; the bridge of a ship at sea at 5 AM when the aromas of the bakery float up to merge with the morning coffee; a sailboat any place where the aroma of the morning breakfast overcomes the gentle (avoid storms) motion compelling you to stay in the v-berth; Italy in the Tuscany area where the only sound that breaks the morning calm is the rifles of the rabbit hunters; and finally, all the days of an all expense paid trip around the planet paid for by the lottery ticket I just won. ;-)

Tom in Carlisle