Subject: Re: carrying money & passports
Hi Ziners,

I, too, recommend making a photocopy of your passport and carrying it somewhere other than your purse or wallet. I put mine in my money belt, along with the original passport. Chances are I would only have to get out the photocopy if the original were lost or mislaid, as I would be using the original first.

I always wear a money belt, too, as I don't like to bother with traveler's checks. My daughter got the Rick Steves one, but I don't like it as well as the Samsonite one I got several years ago. It has two roomy pockets -- one zips and one shuts with velcro. I've only had to get into it once while wearing it in public (I only put enough money in my purse for the day). That was in Ireland, and I discretely went to a quiet corner of the store, turning my back to the rest of the store. I just needed to lift my sweater and shirt to access the extra money.

With my upcoming trip to Paris and Italy in late June and July, I'm going to try wearing it not around my waist, but around my hips (I have small enough hips), as I'll be wearing thin summer clothes, and I'm afraid the belt would show through at my waist.

I, too, dress the way the locals do when I travel. In fact, my daughter (who is a travel agent) knows the reps for the hotels Georges V and the Ritz in Paris, and they both invited us for tea or lunch while we're in Paris. The only thing they specified for dress was not to wear white sneakers. I guess we Americans have a reputation for wearing white sneakers when we travel .


Diana San Diego, California