Subject: Re: carrying money and passports
Hi Ziners,

Last trip my husband used a shoulder safe that fits like a holster (I said bra, he said, no, holster!). It has side zippers that are easy to get into and a Coolmax back for comfort. He thought it an improvement over waist or neck types. I think it was Austin House brand and I bought it at Europebound in Toronto.

I bought a pair of Tilley pants with an extra long pocket with velcro inside the extra secret pocket. I thought it was handy for my credit card, money, and passport. You wouldn't want to put a fat wallet in it because it would hit your leg when you walked.

My best tip - don't put the key to a room safe in your purse. One of our Ziners did that on her last evening (not her usual practice!) and had her purse stolen - grabbed by someone on a Vespa. She couldn't get her passport the next day to go home.

Frances Toronto, Canada