Subject: Re: Travelling or staying home this year?
Hi Frances and Ziners,

We are going to Spain for two weeks in June. We decided that we would go before the invasion of Iraq and that that would not change our plans unless it was very dangerous. Prices may be lower to fly but they will not be lower in Europe at this time, due the fact the dollar has been devalued in relation to the Euro. The crowds might be less. I hope so. In any case we are looking forward to our trip. Our son and daughter in law were in Toronto recently and brought us Canadian pins to wear! Probably, one of the best places to visit this summer is Canada. It is quite safe, you can drive there, and the dollar buys more!

We are also going to Michigan and to the North Shore of Lake Superior in July, so we are both travelling abroad and travelling closer to home.

Michele Missner, Appleton, Wi.