Subject: Re: Travelling or staying home this year?
Hi Frances,

Good topic! With the USD down against the euro, Americans should consider visiting Canada this summer. Even with the recent appreciation of the Canadian dollar, a U.S. dollar is still worth more than $1.35 Canadian (at today's rates).

Those bemoaning the value of the USD should consider the plight of Canadians who just can't win. Yes, our dollar has appreciated against the American dollar but the falling value of the greenback against the euro impacts the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar abroad. At today's rates, it costs 1.15 USD to buy a euro, but 1.58 CAD will buy that euro. Pity the Australians, 1.77 AUD per euro!

Bruce Marshall added our web site as a link from his site, as promised. Whet your appetite for a visit to our fair city.

Cheers! Linda