Subject: Re: Traveling or staying at home this year?
Hi, Next month we are going to Argentina for personal reasons, however to be honest right now getting $3 pesos to the dollars makes Argentina a very attractive destination.

Skiing is in season, the Iguazu Falls, Bariloche and the Lakes, and much more..

Buenos Aires has a lot to offer, European inspired plazas and boulevards, tremendous shopping, great steaks, tango nights , Opera in the world class Colon Theatre , a vibrant night life, polo, soccer ,... many old estancias to be visited near by.

I can go on an on, personally I love its open air markets and side walk cafes, some fairly old from the XIX Century.

The present exchange like a magic wand is turning four star hotels rates into 75 to 80 dollars, dinner in the trendiest restaurants $20-30 dollars per person, designers shoes into 60 dollars p/pair.

Air Round trip from New York /Miami to Buenos AIres are also more reasonable now around 500 to 700 hundred dollars even less if you fly Argentine Airlines or Southern Winds another Argentine airliner. Of all the options Lan is my favourite airliner to fly to Buenos Aires from Miami. (Prices include taxes)

Cheers!!, Graziela, Miami Beach