Subject: Packing for south of France late June/July
Hi everyone,

It's almost time for me to make purchases for compact packing and Diana's remark regarding fitting in and wearing what the locals wear stimulated me to ask, what do the locals wear?. I've learned from reading prior posts that I should pack no more than 4 days wardrobe. Since I have never been to this area I don't know what the locals wear, how do I find out?

I will be attending classes with certain colors required, and because of the mountain location of the classes, I understand evenings will require layering with afternoon time possibly to be very warm.

I have purchased a travel poncho, as recommended, have some knit separates for handwashing and mixing and matching. I have been advised to purchase eco sandals and wear socks.

Part of the classes will include hiking in the forest, anyone have suggestions? I'm beginning to consider a back pack for this 6-week trip, as after the classes I will be unplanned for where to go and for housing. Is there anyone on this group who has explored this part of France at a economy budget level that would be willing to share their recommedations?

My interests are not of the traditional tourists interest, but rather what are the local people living like. Exploring the flower essences area more than the wine and chateaux areas.

Another Ziner, Frieda Lekkerkerker, who lives in the area is already occupied, but offered some advice. She even offered to come pick me up on my arrival, which is late in the evening, but I felt it was too many miles/kilometers for such a brief time before my classes. Thank you Frieda for your communications.

This group is a very helpful friendly group. Hope to be able to attend a gathering sometime soon.

Naomi in Dallas TX