Subject: Re: Americans abroad
Hello all--

Unfortunately, I am not able to travel this year because of commitments keeping me here. The current political issues would certainly not keep me from traveling! :-)

For all of the years I have traveled, I have not done anything special to hide my citizenship, and would not do so now. However, I think it is a matter of courtesy to attempt as much as is reasonable to fit (generally through dress and manner and as much of the local language as I can manage) into the culture of the country in which I will travel. I think because of this people do not automatically assume I am American or anything else, but ask politely if they are interested. Of course in Asian countries, it is pretty obvious that I am not a native, but I still think it is important to respect the local culture.

It has always been beyond my understanding that many Americans (U.S.) have the attitude that anyone who comes to the U.S. should speak English but that it is okay for us to travel to other countries knowing nothing about them! (RS are, of course, not part of this group!)

Wishing I was going somewhere this year, Lisa in Chicago